Responsible Wagering Australia and its members are committed to ensuring that Australia has the best conducted, socially responsible wagering industry in the world.

Code of Conduct

Members are bound by a Code of Conduct and must maintain the highest standards of integrity and probity.

It is a mandatory requirement of membership of Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA) that members are bound by our Code of Conduct.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct may result in the imposition of sanctions, including monetary penalty or termination of membership.

RWA members

Are committed to funding independent research to ensure accurate and representative information is made available to the community, policy makers and industry regarding the prevalence and impacts of online wagering in Australia, using existing researchers until stronger institutions are in place.

Agree to implement evidence-based, global best practice in responsible gambling and harm minimisation, whether or not required by regulators using research, third-country experience and other information to identify what should be done.

Will promote the industry’s contribution to innovation, employment and the economy generally.

Will continue to work for rational, technology-neutral regulation of the whole Australian market, to underpin consumer protection, the funding of sports and racing bodies, integrity, choice and economic growth.

Are committed to working with the National Integrity of Sport Unit to assist National Sports Organisations to which product fees are not payable, in the fight against offshore betting threats to the integrity of Australian sport.

Will investigate, and where feasible, implement the following minimum harm‑minimisation standards to ensure their services are offered responsibly:

  • Cross-operator, national, self-exclusion amongst, and available to customers via a single form across all, RWA members
  • A voluntary pre-commitment regime at the point of registration and at regular intervals thereafter
  • A ‘time out’ facility, allowing customers to take a break from wagering for periods defined by the customers themselves
  • Provision of access to information and account statements (including time played reminders, etc.).

Will advocate for regulatory reform to phase-out credit betting facilities for individuals and be constructive participants in Government-led discussions on the status of VIP customers.

Will advocate for regulatory reform to prohibit any links to payday lenders.

Will voluntarily suspend new accounts in circumstances where a customer fails to verify their identity within 14 days.

Will apply the following responsible gambling initiatives:

  • The display of an RWA standardised responsible gambling logo and message on all its websites and advertising
  • All websites and social media pages will carry prominent responsible gambling messages
  • All social media channels will carry regular standalone responsible gambling posts
  • Promote, by direct customer communication, its responsible gambling tools on an annual basis.

Offer comprehensive training in the responsible service of wagering to all employees within three (3) months of commencement and refreshed on a 12 month basis thereafter.

Are committed to reducing the volume of all forms of static high-impact gambling advertising which is readily viewable by minors (e.g. public transport advertising and advertising in close proximity to schools), ahead of the development of wider rules; and


Any proposed commitment and/or consumer protection measure or similar contained herein which if entered into, or given effect to, could constitute a cartel or anti-competitive agreement related offence under Australian law will only be committed to and/or implemented if authorised by the ACCC.