The online wagering market in Australia is one of the most tightly regulated globally and provides Australians with unparalleled consumer protections.

National Consumer Protection Framework

Australia already offers high-grade consumer protection and policy responses to online wagering in order to avoid negative outcomes for individuals and the nation. These protections are further strengthened by the introduction of the National Consumer Protection Framework (NCPF) for online wagering as agreed to by Commonwealth, and state and territory governments.

Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA) is a strong supporter of the NCPF and is pleased it has been fully implemented.

The overall aim of responsible wagering is to proactively promote safe habits and reduce the incidence of problem gambling. This involves a shared sense of responsibility, accountability and collaboration between the consumer, wagering service provider and regulators.

Under a strong protection regime, high standards and safeguards are administered by Australia’s licensed online wagering sector for the protection of individuals and broader communities.

Consumers betting via licensed providers have access to a range of tools and resources in order to make smart choices and reach out for help if needed. Australian online wagering providers are committed to offering fair, safe and self-manageable wagering environments to mitigate problem gambling and promote good customer service. On top of this, regulators are accountable for establishing fair policies and regulations to minimize risk in a way which still allows the consumer free choice in an open market economy.

RWA and its members continuously work with governments advocating for higher industry standards and safeguards to protect Australian consumers; and remains strong supporters of the government’s NCPF which firms Australia’s place as a global leader in consumer protections.

Measures include:

  • Prohibition of lines of credit being offered to customers.
  • Prohibition of payday lending services used for betting.
  • Strengthened customer age and identity verification procedures.
  • Restrictions on incentives and account sign-up offers.
  • Simpler account closure procedures.
  • Mandatory voluntary deposit limits.
  • Easily accessible activity statements on account spending.
  • Consistent responsible gambling messaging.
  • A National Self-Exclusion Register.
  • Trained staff in the sector for responsible gambling online.