Some facts about online wagering in Australia.

Industry facts, statistics and information

More than $1.9 billion in taxes were paid in FY2022 by Australia’s licensed wagering service providers. That’s 51 cents in every $1 of revenue.

Around $1.016 billion is spent by Australians each year on overseas gambling websites which offer online pokies and other casino games.As these sites are unlicensed, they operate illegally and don’t pay taxes like Australian wagering service providers do. Illegal offshore gambling sites are expected to cost the Australian economy more than $3 billion from 2022 – 2027.

Last financial year, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, (ACMA) received 199 complaints relating to the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 which governs online wagering in Australia. These complaints included the presence of unlicensed, unregulated overseas gambling websites marketing to Australian customers. ACMA conducted 63 investigations based on these complaints and a total 50 breaches were found.

With the Australian market spending around $1.016 billion each year on illegal overseas gambling websites, there is a loss upwards of $360 million in Australian tax revenue each year.

Australia’s licensed wagering industry supports a thriving domestic racing sector through contributions over $650 million per year.

Online sports wagering is governed by over 17,000 pages of state and federal regulation. Additionally, Australia’s licensed wagering sector is accountable to 26 different regulatory bodies that oversee/analyse operations.