Responsible Wagering Australia welcomes new Chief Executive Officer

Responsible Wagering Australia welcomes new Chief Executive Officer

MEDIA RELEASE: Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA) – the peak-body for Australian-licensed online wagering service providers (WSPs) – welcomes Brent Jackson to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

RWA’s Chairman, Mr Nick Minchin, said Brent brings considerable expertise and experience to this challenging role. “As the new CEO Brent is charged with leading the RWA through a complex regulatory environment to ensure the highest standards of integrity are met for Australia’s online betting industry.

Australia is home to nine jurisdictions that each licence betting with more than 60 pieces of legislation. Such a fragmented regulatory environment brings with it its challenges, along with compliance burden for WSPs.

“Brent will work closely with members in ensuring their interests are well-represented throughout the legislative, regulatory and policy reform process.

“RWA plays a major role in navigating a fast evolving, global space to ultimately achieve responsible betting outcomes and customer protection for Australians. Brent is well-placed to take on this leadership role for the RWA, bringing with him a highly appropriate mix of skills to the position,” said Mr Minchin.