Responsible Wagering Australia supports NSW GambleAware Week 2023

Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA) is proud to be a partner of NSW GambleAware Week for 2023, as part of our commitment to responsible gambling practices.  

RWA welcomes the theme of this year’s GambleAware Week ‘What’s gambling costing you?’ and encourages all Australians to join us in supporting this worthwhile initiative.

Responsible Wagering Australia CEO Kai Cantwell said GambleAware Week, which runs from 16-22 October, was an important time to reflect on our own gambling behaviour, check in on friends and family, and raise awareness about support services that are available.  

This year, many RWA members will be advertising GambleAware Week within their apps and on their websites,’ Mr Cantwell said.

‘Customers who go to place a bet will see GambleAware Week being promoted, and links to GambleAware support services, along with the usual safer gambling messaging and prompts to set a deposit limit.

‘RWA members are proud to set the industry standard for keeping customers safe, going well beyond the requirements set by governments.  

‘The biggest risk to safe gambling in Australia is offshore operators enticing Australians to gamble through illegal promotions.

‘While RWA members and other licensed wagering service providers are working hard to ensure Australia has the safest gambling market in the world, these operators don’t adhere to any Australian laws, evading taxes, and failing to protect customers.

The growing offshore market currently makes up 15 per cent of the entire Australian market, is valued at over $1.63 billion annually and could cost the Australian economy up to $3 billion from 2022 to 2027.

While illegally provided, these sites are accessible to Australians and promoted with strong incentives, providing no deterrent for consumers.

‘Illegal operators have stopped people withdrawing their winnings and have targeted advertising to underage Australians on social media platforms,’ Mr Cantwell said.

‘They also represent one of the biggest threats to Australian sport and racing by way of match fixing and race-rigging, with Australian authorities unable to monitor and combat illegal actors.

‘RWA supports all government efforts to combat illegal offshore providers and reminds customers to visit if they aren’t sure if a site is legal.

‘Evidence from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway shows that excessive regulation of advertising and products that onshore providers are allowed to offer will drive Australians towards illegal alternatives as Australians don’t know what sites are legal and safe to use.

‘RWA members will continue to work with governments and industry to develop balanced policies that keep customers safe and ensure that taxes and fees that onshore operators are required to pay continue to flow back into the Australian economy.’  

For more information on safe gambling or to access support services, visit or call the 24/7 GambleAware phoneline on1800 858 858 for free and confidential advice.