Having a bet? Have a game plan. Campaign launch

Having a bet? Have a game plan. Campaign launch


Sunday 26 June

Responsible Wagering Australia and its members have today launched its safer gambling campaign Having a bet? Have a game plan. This national campaign focuses specifically on setting deposit limits and will act as an important reminder to punters to think ahead and play it safe by having a personal game plan in mind.

Anyone betting with an RWA member –on an Australian licensed betting platform– can make use of the deposit limit safer gambling tool. Deposit limits can be set via an account for any period of time to suit the needs of the punter.

The five-week campaign will air on TV in conjunction with live sports, racing and news, while also featuring across national press publications and key digital media channels.

The setting of deposit limits is just one example of the safer gambling tools available. Each account with a licensed operator provides a range of responsible gambling features including: instant self-banning, time-outs, prohibition of lines of credit, mandatory identity verification checks and access to resources for how to get help.

Additionally, licensed operators use behavioural analysis and data insights to detect potential problematic patterns of play. These real-time metrics help to detect possible red flag behaviour by individuals and enable trained staff to conduct interventions as early as possible.

This is in contrast to retail TAB betting venues where operators offer no such safety measures. These land-based operators do not have the ability to really know who their customers are and utilise technology for the benefit of player safety.

Responsible gambling, strong consumer protections and regulation are a central focus of RWA’s membership. Since 2018, a National Consumer Protection Framework for online wagering has set mandatory requirements developed by the Commonwealth and state and territory governments to foster responsible gambling in the online environment. This strong regulatory approach is fully backed and supported by RWA and its members.