Federal Opposition Announcement on Advertising Misses the Mark

Federal Opposition Announcement on Advertising Misses the Mark

Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA) supports a balanced consideration of further, evidence-based advertising reforms that recognise the significant role advertising plays in sustaining Australian jobs, broadcast revenue and grassroot sports.

RWA notes today’s announcement by the Federal Opposition to seek changes to wagering advertising regulation. This decision has been taken prior to reviewing the outcomes of the House of Representatives Inquiry into Online Gambling and its impacts on those experiencing gambling harm, and without consultation with the Australian-licensed wagering industry.

CEO of Responsible Wagering Australia, Mr Kai Cantwell said in response to the announcement.

“RWA recognises the community sentiment around current levels of advertising. However, any new regulation needs to be sensible, evidence-based and take into account the views of industry, sporting bodies and broadcasters.”

“RWA looks forward to engaging with the Government and Federal Opposition going forward to identify a balanced approach to advertising regulation”.

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