Responsible Wagering Australia is part of a nationally coordinated response to sports integrity threats.

Integrity in sports and racing

Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA) and our members recognise that a fair, equitable and safe environment free from corruption is inherently valuable to all Australians, as well as sports and racing industries.

RWA members have a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and strongly support measures to improve integrity in sport and racing. Every effort will be made to remove the potential for outside interests to influence the performance of athletes and the outcomes of matches.

Australian sports wagering providers run on high performing tech platforms meaning digital footprints and real-time tracing insights are at play to uncover unusual or suspicious activity. Verified online accounts allow for greater transparency than traditional cash-based transactions. RWA members are regulated and licensed in Australia and work closely with government to ensure potentially fraudulent or suspicious activity is identified and reported.