Integrity in Sport and Racing

Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA) and our members have a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and strongly support measures to improve integrity in sport and racing.

Australians expect sport to be fair and honest, and for every effort to be made to remove the potential for outside interests to influence the performance of athletes and the outcomes of matches.

RWA members are regulated and licensed in Australia and work closely with government and industry to ensure that potentially fraudulent betting activity can be identified.

Our members utilise account-based wagering, which allows for greater transparency than traditional cash-based products. This includes the identification and reporting of suspicious betting patterns to relevant authorities.

RWA makes a commitment to addressing anti-social behaviour of customers using member platforms. To access anti-social behaviour policy click here.

RWA members also have a long-standing commitment to:


regular audits of their customer databases to determine if prohibited participants have placed bets.


industry standards for information exchange with sports, government and law enforcement agencies about unusual bets and suspicious betting patterns.


national integrity agreements with sports controlling bodies to facilitate information sharing about suspicious betting activities and trends.


into similar information sharing agreements in the case of a transgression of rules or suspicious behaviour with racing bodies around Australia.